Paper Folding Machines Explained

Paper Folding Machines Explained

A folding machine is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper. There are generally three types of folding machines buckle folders, knife folders or a combination of these two types. Whilst buckle folding is the more popular of the two methods, knife folding is sometimes preferable.

Dynafold specialize in a number of paper folding machines
Folding machines exclusively used for folding paper are commonly referred to as paper folders. These machines are typically used for creating letter folds (C Folds) and accordion folds (Z Folds). Other commonly used folds include a half fold, fold-out, double parallel fold, gate (brochure) fold, and right angle fold.

Pneumatic folding machines

Pneumatic paper folders push paper into the machine using a vacuum. These folders are often referred to as air-powered paper folders. This method makes it possible to fold most types of paper. Most pneumatic paper folders include a built-in compressor. These folders can have as many as sixteen folding plates or several knife folds depending on the imposition, these are adjusted manually or electronically, depending on the machine.

Feeding systems

There are 2 types of feeding systems used by folders, pile and continuous.. The first is flat pile, in which the paper is placed on a feeding table and each sheet is then transported into the machine by friction or an air-controlled suction-wheel. A variation of this is palatalized feeding, in which an entire pallet full of paper may be placed on the feeding table. The second type is called “continuous”; this involves the sheets being placed onto a belt, on a table or rollers, that takes it around the end of the machine, then each sheet is individually pushed into the machine by an air-controlled suction-wheel. The sheets of paper will be separated by blowing air between them.


Our Four Plate Paper Folders include:


    • Minimum noise level
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Easy Operation
    • Digital control panel
    • Manual adjusting trays
    • Five standard folds up to 14″ plus custom fold settings

    • Light-weight
    • High performance
    • Easy operation
    • New table top design for in-plant shops,
      speedy-printing center, copy center, school, office.
  • Model DE 202AF

    • Digital Jam Detector
    • Push button paper setting
    • Self adjusting to paper thickness
    • Load up to 500 sheets
    • Electronic counter
    • Conveyor belt stacker
    • Start-stop switch