Paper Folding

Paper Folding or rather Dynafold USA evolved from Autofold which was created in 1986 to sell and market the Excufold paper folding machine. Autofold sold the Execufold paper folding machine.
Autofold sold the Execufold paper folders throughout the world. We exhibited in Germany at the Cebit Show and established European distribution for the products.autofold

Dynafold USA was established in 2000 to market a brand of paper folding machines in the USA. The product line at that time was the model 102, 202, 302, 322, 262, and the 28/4. Dynafold created a dealer network to sell the above products. We have specialized in table top paper folding machines,popular in Churches, Schools, Print shops, and offices, and our products are proven to offer great value at affordable prices.

We have evolved from the beginning to the current product line which is the latest in paper folding technology. We still specialize in table top folding machines, and are constantly evolving and testing to create value at
competitive pricing.

All of Dynafold products are made to our specifications and are exclusively distributed by Dynafold to the North American market. Our paper folders are made in Japan, China, Taiwan, and the USA.
We have added the Tabbler unit and the pressure sealer in addition to the paper folders, but specialize in paper folding.

Dynafold will continue to evolve and specialize in latest office technology and upgrade the product line.

  • Paper Folding Machines
  • Pressure Sealers
  • Tabbing Mail Machines

Paper Folding Machines currently available include:

  • Tabbler is a unique office machine that places a strip of tape on the open edge of folded self-mailers. It fills the gap between using expensive automated tabbing machines and manually affixing tabs.
  • Pharmaceutical Paper Folder –  Pharmaceutical Industry DE-28/4 is a multi-purpose functioning pharmaceutical paper folder, a paper folding machine that serves well for the pharmaceutical industry. Its durable construction, simple operation, excellent design and attractive appearance make it a unique machine in the world for the pharmaceutical industry. Another Pharmaceutical Four plate folder is the SF 16.
  • The Automatic folder Model 380 from Dynafold, features push button settings which allows anyone to use the paper folder. Just by pushing a button, the user can fold the piece w i t h out set-up.
  • The Center Feed Paper Folding is unique in that the feed system allows heavy and glossy paper folding. The DE-42FC Center Paper Folding is a commercial grade machine.
  • Small Paper Folder has the benefit of saving space in tighter spaces.
  • Pressure Sealer Paper – New Pressure Seal equipment for the small to medium size  customer. The Dynafold Pressure Sealer with standard seal forms, will  enable the user to create an outgoing mailer, eliminating the need for inserting a piece into an envelope.